Dark Red Norland
An elegant potato with brilliant dark blue skin. Superb creamy-white flesh makes the fluffiest mashed potatoes. Developed in 1969 by Hielke de Jong, a native of Holland and D. A. Young for Agriculture Canada at its Research Station in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
The excellent flavor, appealing deep red skin, and white flesh set this variety apart. The texture is moist, firm, and somewhat waxy making this Potato perfect for salads, and for boiling or steaming. When baked, 'Dark Red Norland' is lovely—moist and delicious.
Yukon Gold
These medium-sized, smooth-skinned potatoes are the truly “butterless” potato because their melt-in-your-mouth tender flesh is a rich, golden color that looks and tastes already buttered. They have moist, creamy-sweet flesh and satisfying texture; a favorite for oven roasting to a rich golden-brown, as well as grilling, steaming, mashing or frying.
Tender, moist flesh and buttery flavor have made Yukon Gold a consistent favorite nationwide. Their smooth yellow skins and delicious, nutty flesh are the result of a cross between yellow and white varieties; a perfect marriage for taste and versatility.

Sweet Potatoes

White Yam
These are our favorite sweet potatoes.  They are very unique, with white flesh and skin.  With the driest texture of all of the sweet potatoes, they cook up soft and creamy.  The flavor is also the sweetest of the sweet potatoes, making them a real treat.
The most popular variety of sweet potato grown, Centennial is a shorter season sweet potato that is delicious and stores well.