St. Croix
Hair Sheep from West Africa were introduced into the Caribbean in the 1500’s. From this introduction, different breeds of sheep were developed. Hair sheep comprise approximately fifty percent of the world sheep population. Hair sheep do not require sheering and shed their Winter coat in the Spring. The St. Croix hair sheep was first brought into the United States in 1957. Currently the St. Croix are a rare breed in the United States and are listed as "threatened" by the Livestock Conservancy.
Hair sheep, in general, are prized for their mild, lean meat that does not have the tallow taste associated with wool sheep. Taste tests conducted at Utah State University placed the meat quality of pure bred St. Croix in first place for the grades in flavor, juiciness and tenderness even when compared to other hair sheep breeds. Our St. Croix sheep are primarily grass-fed and forage freely on our 82 acres of Ponderosa Pines and grassland.
We are currently building our flock and do not have any St. Croix lamb available for sale. Add yourself to our mailing list   and we will notify you as soon as this exceptional lamb is available for purchase. 
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