Babybeat is a true baby, which means that it is well proportioned even when young. Unlike full-size beets harvested young, Babybeat forms a nice round shape with a small taproot and smooth skin early on in growth. The perfect size for cooking or steaming whole. Small, attractive tops.
Smooth, rich red skin and excellent flavor. Attractive fine taproot. Big healthy tops. Smoothe skin.
Bull's Blood
This remarkably sweet variety looks as good as it tastes! The beautiful, dark red-purple tops make delicious baby greens, while the tasty roots are a good choice either fresh or canned!


Kuroda carrots are a category of improved Chantenay-type carrots developed in Japan originally for the Asian market. Its roots are bright orange, seven to nine inches long, stump-rooted and cylindrical in shape are tender and sweet flavored.
Bright orange, cone-shaped, 6 1/2–7" long roots with good eating quality.
True baby carrots. Unlike most "baby carrots", which are harvested at an immature stage before properly filling out, Adelaide is a true baby carrot with an early maturity and forms a blunt root tip at 3-4" long.
Long, slender roots with a dark orange color. Tapered roots are sweet and tender, smooth, and a uniform 9–10" long. High in beta-carotene, an antioxidant and important source of provitamin A.


Nero Tondo
Special Black Spanish telite strain that is more uniform than the ordinary Black Spanish variety. Large 2–4" black-skinned, round roots with crisp, hot, white flesh.
Rover is extra early with smooth, uniform, dark red roots with crisp white flesh. Rover is our best round red radish.
Mini Mak
Daikon radish. Crisp, Japanese-type of highest quality. "Stump-rooted" cylindrical white roots are pale green near the crown and average 16–18" long by 2 1/2–3" wide. Most crisp and tender for pickling and storage.
Mini daikon for pickling and fresh use. At 4" long by 1 1/2" wide, it has authentic sweet and mildly spicy flavor.


The best all-around kohlrabi with remarkable uniformity, texture, and flavor. Exceptionally sweet and mild. Holds a long time in the field without getting woody.

The most attractive and uniform purple variety.
3" bulbs with uniform, deep purple skin and nearly fiberless, crisp white flesh. Organically grown.