Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Bailey's Wildhorse Winston was our first Gordon Setter. Winston introduced us to the beauty of the breed. He was not a show dog, but he represented the breed very well. He came from Wildhorse Kennels in Bailey, Colorado and lived with us for 13 wonderful years.
  2. Andi (Cairncross Adriana Kenisha) and Winston were best friends. She was our third Irish Setter and our daughter's favorite. She joined our family a few months before Winston and left us too early due to kidney failure. She was a joy that loved to tug and play and climb on our daughter's bed. Andi, too, was not a show dog but we loved her just the same.
  3. Carrie, Irish Setter number 2 for our family. She was our first intentional breeding of our first Irish Cindy (not pictured). Carrie was a very peaceful and loving dog. She was a terrific family pet.