Community Supported Agriculture

WHAT IS A BlueTrane Heritage Farm CSA?
Our CSA allows you to have direct access to high quality, fresh, regional produce grown locally on our farm in Eastern Colorado. We provide a broad mix of NON-GMO heirloom varieties that are grown according to organic principles without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

When you become a member of our CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables for 20 weeks from June 1 until mid October.  We will deliver that share of produce to a convenient, mutually agreed upon drop-off location in our delivery area.

Our living, organic microgreens are available year round (annual) or during the vegetable season (seasonal, beginning June 1). Our microgreens are grown indoors in a controlled environment without herbicides, pesticides or soil. We use coconut coir as the rooting medium. Because microgreens are fragile and wilt soon after cutting they are delivered live in their growing medium. Delivery and pricing is based on a standard 10" x 20" (1020) tray.
Our CSA members pay for an entire season of produce in advance of the growing / harvesting season.


2019 fees are as follows:

Full Vegetable Share:                              $600 

Half Vegetable Share:                             $300 

Salad Share:                                             $250 

Full Annual Microgreen Share:             $1000  (50 1020 trays)

Half Annual Microgreen Share:            $500    (25 1020 trays)

Quarter Annual Microgreen Share:     $260    (13 1020 trays)

Full Seasonal Microgreen Share:         $400    (20 1020 trays)

Half Seasonal Microgreen Share:        $200    (10 1020 trays)

Quarter Seasonal Microgreen Share: $100    (5 1020 trays)

Full Seasonal Chicken Egg Share:         $90   (20 doz. Approx. 1/wk)

Half Seasonal Chicken Egg Share:        $45   (10 doz. Approx. 1/eowk)

Full Annual Chicken Egg Share:            $200 (50 doz. Approx. 1/wk)

Half Annual Chicken Egg Share:           $100  (25 doz. Approx. 1/eowk)

A full shares includes a mix of vegetables that are harvested in a given week, enough for a family of 3-4 people. A half share is available smaller households or busy Coloradans who frequently eat out. A salad share is made up of variety mixed greens and selected salad addatives when available.
Unlike many CSAs in the area, we do not require your participation in the production or administration of the program. The relatively remote location of our farm does not make that convenient for the majority of our customers to be that closely involved.

For more information and to join our program follow one of the links on the left of this page.

Buy Local
Connect with the food you eat.
Eat Well
Buy the freshest food for your family and explore new foods.

Be Healthy
Eat more fresh vegetables.
Share healthy eating habits with your family.
Protect the Environment
Cut down on the number of miles your food travels to your plate.

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